Providing a variety of SEO – search engine optimization strategies and services.

The first step is to assess your current website and other Internet profiles to offer a plan of action.

If you are not currently using a WordPress platform for your website – that is the first step in the process to achieve optimum results. Even if you have an “HTML” website or a site developed on some other platform – you can still have a WordPress blog created and linked to your site at a minimal cost.

WordPress is the best platform for a search engine optimized website.  Social media profiles and “share buttons” can be added to your site making it possible to connect with thousands of people. WordPress has many SEO plugins to help your website get optimized, indexed and ranked in Google and other search engines.  

A “keyword” analysis of your business market will be an important step in making sure your website is rich in keywords and phrases that people will use to find you on Google and other search engines.  Identified keywords should be used throughout your website information and in “meta data”.  Meta data is essentially a description of your website information and is used by search engines to search or “crawl” your site.  When a match is made between your site and a search term – your site listing will be displayed in Google.  So the strategy is to get ranked as high as possible in those listings from a keyword or phrase you are trying to target.  That is why the keyword stats are so important – so you can see what search words and phrases people are using most often to access information relating to your business product or service.  Content is “king” when it comes to Google and SEO.

Another important strategy for getting traffic to your website is through backlinks, blogging and social media sharing.  We provide a variety of SEO strategies and services. The first step is to assess your current website and other Internet profiles to offer a recommendation plan. 

Our SEO services include the following:

WordPress websites/blogs

WordPress SEO plugin configurations (YOAST)

Lead generation strategies

Page/post content SEO optimization

Website speed and Image optimization

Social Media Network Integration

Keyword analysis

Backlink and internal linking

Content generation and posting

Remember that SEO and the generation of organic traffic results is a competition between you and the many other internet businesses.  

SEO is a constant work and strategy investment in a game that changes and becomes more competitive everyday.