Email marketing is a lead generation tool and a strategy to create campaigns for promoting your business.  

Like any type of marketing – email marketing involves a great deal of time and effort to ensure the marketing campaign is effective.

One of the most important aspects of marketing effectively with email is to ensure your efforts are reaching the members of your target audience. 

Another aspect is to hire an experienced professional to create campaigns that can be integrated with your website and social media business profiles AND help you with list building.

Finally, effective email marketing should not be viewed as spam. This is a difficult situation. In many cases an email marketing campaign will involve distributing mass emails but care should be taken in these endeavors to avoid having these emails construed as spam.

We can create a business account for you with one of the top email marketing services online.  This account is currently free up to 2000 subscribers. Next step will be to import your current email database into the new account.  Third step is to put an email subscriber form on your website and Facebook profile to collect emails that will be added to your marketing list or database.  

Email campaigns can be created as needed and scheduled to communicate immediate business messages and/or promotions.  You might consider a “call to action” form on your website and offer free downloads or other incentives in exchange for name and email information.  These are just a few ways to generate new leads, keep in touch with your customers, and promote your business.